A French replica of the 145’ long Concorde class frigate of the French Navy, famous for carrying General Lafayette to the United States in 1780 allowing him to rejoin the Americans during the American Revolutionary War. “From the first moment I heard the name of America, I loved it; from the instant I knew it struggled for freedom, I was consumed with the desire to shed my blood for her I will count the days I got the chance to serve it, everywhere and anytime, among the happiest days of my life.” – General Lafayette

In 1778, the original L’Hermione belonged to the category of so-called “light frigates,” characterized by their speed and agility. L’Hermione was fitted out with 26 cannons shooting 12-pound cannonballs. She took 11 months of work for 100 carpenters, blacksmiths, drillers, caulkers and convicts.

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Barque Eagle

Eagle will be offering free tours and will be fully accessible to the entire public for free.

Rarely seen at festivals, this three-masted USA Coast Guard Tall Ship boasts 21,350 square feet of sail, 295’ length, is the only operational sailing vessel in the U.S. maritime services and is just one of five operational Training Barques in the world.

One of five sister ships built for sail training in Germany in the 1930s, Eagle was included in reparations paid to the United States following World War II and the Coast Guard took her over as a training ship. Now, the Eagle ports in New London, CT. Aboard the Eagle, cadets have a chance to put into practice the navigation, engineering, and other skills they are taught at the Coast Guard Academy.

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El Galeon

El Galeon

El Galeon Andalucia is a replica of the late 16th Century fabled merchant vessels and warships that made up the early navies of Europe. She is the only Galeon class vessel sailing the open seas today.


Philadelphia’s official Tall Ship was built in 1901 in the shipyard of J. M. Mendes in Setubal, Portugal to fish the Grand Banks off Newfoundland. She has called Philadelphia home since 1971.

Owned by a nonprofit volunteer organization, Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild, Gazela sails as a goodwill ambassador at 177’ long and 94’ high from deck.

Barquentine Gazela has been featured in several major motion pictures including “Interview with the Vampire,” “The Widow of St. Pierre,” and the documentary “The Irish in America.”

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Picton Castle

A 179’ long, 284-ton, three-masted barque based in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada best known for sail training voyages around the world. Over the past decade, the ship has made five complete circumnavigations of the globe, and many more voyages.

The Picton Castle is a training ship holding onboard workshops such as wire and rope rigging, sail making, boat handling, navigation and practical seamanship. She has won the Sail Training Program of the Year award.

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When And If

When And If

A 63 foot Alden schooner commissioned by General George S. Patton and built by Pendleton in Wiscasset, Maine, When And If was perhaps the strongest vessel Alden built incorporating improvements for comfort and safety on the high seas which half a lifetime of sailing experience had taught him.

Maintained in impeccable condition, When And If remained in the Patton family until 1972 when the General’s nephew, Neal Ayer, made a gift of the vessel to the Landmark school in Prides Crossing, MA where she was the centerpiece of a sail training program for dyslexic children.

After extensive storm damage in 1990, When And If passed back into private ownership and was painstakingly rebuilt over the course of the next three years. Walter Cronkite spoke at the re-launching in June of 1994.

When And If spent the next 17 years cruising the coast of the U.S. and occasionally racing in classic yacht regattas. Early in 2012 Doug Hazlitt purchased the When And If and returned the vessel to its original and Bristol condition.

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Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Built in Nova Scotia, Canada, Tree of Life is a luxurious 91’ long gaff-rigged schooner built of fir, spruce, Honduran Mahogany, koa and teak. In 2002, she embarked on a three-year circumnavigation. Tree of Life is based in Newport, RI and sails the New England waters with private charters.

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Tall Ship Sagres


The Sagres was built in 1937 in shipyard of Blohm & Voss in Hamburg and named the Albert Leo Schlageter. She was the 3rd of four ships built by the German Navy including the Horst Vessel (now the US Coast Guard ship, Eagle). and the Gorch Fock (now the Tovarishch of Ukraine). A sister-ship, Mircea, was also built for the Romanian Navy. During World War II she was taken to Bremerhaven shipyard after damage from a mine and captured by the U.S. forces in 1945. The ship was given to Brazil in 1948 and sailed in as a training ship in the Brazilian Navy under the name Guanabara. In 1962 she was purchased by Portugal purchased to replace the old sail training ship Sagres and is often referred to as the Sagres II.

Privateer Lynx

Privateer Lynx

In 1997 Woodson K. Woods embarked on a journey to build a privateer inspired by the original historic tall ship from the War of 1812 – The Privateer Lynx. His goal was to create a living history museum to educate children and adults alike about American history through active sail training aboard a real wooden sailing ship. Now, Lynx does just that. At 78 feet long, Lynx is an award-winning vessel that is no stranger to the silver screen and page.

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AJ Meerwald

AJ Meerwald

The Schooner A.J. Meerwald is New Jersey’s official Tall Ship. She is a restored oyster dredging schooner, whose home port is in Bivalve, New Jersey. Launched in 1928, A.J. Meerwald was one of hundreds of schooners built along South Jersey’s Bayshore before the decline of the shipbuilding industry which coincided with the Great Depression.

Today, the A.J. Meerwald is used by the Bayshore Discovery Project for onboard educational programs in the Delaware Bay near Bivalve, and at other ports in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware region. The A.J. Meerwald was added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 7, 1995.

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Hindu Charters is a family-owned, local business based in Key West, Florida. Hindu is the oldest, most historic wooden schooner in the Keys. Built in 1925, she was designed by the famous William H. Hand Jr., of Portland, Maine. Her lines, shape, and style are inspired by a half-scale model of a Grand Banks fishing schooner.

In 1938, William J. Parker bought the schooner and sailed her to India. It was upon first arrival there that William J. Parker rechristened her with the name “Hindu”. Hindu reportedly sailed spices from India to the United States on two occasions. During World War II Hindu assisted U.S. Coast Guard Coastal Patrol along the Eastern Seaboard. Hindu passed through owners, but in 2012, a Key West architect with a long history and love of sailing, rescused Hindu from bank ownership and began restoration work with the help of many friends and family.

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Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore II, a 157’ topsail schooner, is a reconstruction of an early 19th-century Baltimore Clipper, Chasseur. Baltimore Clippers became famous as privateers during the War of 1812 and Chasseur was one of the most successful. She blockaded the British Isles by herself and captured or sank 17 vessels before returning home to be greeted by cheering crowds and dubbed the “Pride of Baltimore.”

Pride of Baltimore and Pride of Baltimore II have represented Baltimore and Maryland for nearly four decades, spreading a positive message throughout the world. Since 1988, Pride II has sailed 250,000 nautical miles – the equivalent of almost 12 times around the world – and visited more than 200 ports in 40 countries, promoting historical maritime education, and fostering economic development and tourism. Pride II is available to the public for daysails, sailing and dockside receptions, and overnight voyages between ports of call.

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North Wind

North Wind

Gloucester City Sail Inc. (GCS) Is a 501 C-3 non profit organization. The groups main mission is to serve the youth of the area through maritime training programs. The schooner (NORTHWIND) Serves as a flagship for the city and is utilized as an educational schoolship. Students from local schools have the opportunity to learn about the maritime world. Gloucester City Sail has programs designed to work with teachers and students for history, physics, navigation, sailing and many other topics.

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