World’s Largest Rubber Duck to Arrive in Delaware River: Another Feather in the Cap for Tall Ships Philadelphia Camden

The World’s Largest Rubber Duck didn’t exactly fly south for the winter, but after a much needed off-season rest the cuddly floating fowl will abandon its nest and turn the Delaware River into the world’s largest bathtub during the much anticipated Tall Ships Philadelphia Camden 2015.

The largest Tall Ships event of year countrywide that combines a dozen awe-inspiring Tall Ships with an abundance of festival attractions already has locals and future visitors alike clamoring for the opening date of June 25. The addition of the super-sized bath toy adds to that anticipation.

“It’s just fun, pure and simple,” states Craig Samborski, executive producer of Tall Ships® Philadelphia Camden. “The World’s Largest Rubber Duck inspires us to enjoy the world’s waterfronts and conserve our natural resources for future ducklings.”

Delaware River’s unique two-sided waterfront and the increased accessibility it provides for onlookers makes it the ideal venue to show off the duck’s larger-than-life proportions. 61’ tall and 11 tons to be exact.

Circling the duck of course will be the main attraction, 12 beautifully crafted Tall Ships® hailing from across the globe such as the French frigate Hermione or the Tall Ship Sagres of Portugal.